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 New Jersey's nuisance wildlife removal solution! 

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We are currently serving Union, Essex, Hudson, Passaic, Bergen and Monmouth Counties, as well as certain 

 surrounding areas of New Jersey.

New Jersey's nuisance wildlife removal solution! 

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The first thing you will notice is that we are different then most of the

guarantee work

Nuisance wildlife control is a relatively new business concept.
For years nuisance wildlife control was performed by fur trappers in there off season, or pest
control company's looking to perform some level of service for there regular customers.


Catching and removal of the problem animal is at best a short term solution if the structure is not
sealed up to keep out future animals. 

Paying a company a set up fee and then a bounty per animal caught usually only benefits
the service company.

Some company's will remove the problem animals and then offer some suggestions for animal
proofing the structure asking the customer to pick what work should be done. 

This limited level of service is not to be confused with a full service company that fixes the
structure, removes the problem animals and then provides you with a warranty that covers
the structure bumper to bumper. 


Fischer Wildlife Control & Repairs
is not a free services we are fully insured and licensed company's that devote our self to professionalism towards nuisance wildlife problems and animal control.
We proudly service many parts of New Jersey including Union County, Essex County, Hudson County, Monmouth County and Bergen County. If you are outside these areas and need help finding a professional wildlife removal company, feel free to call or email our office or check out the section of this website on how to find a licensed contractor in your part of New Jersey.

At Fischer Wildlife Control & Repairs, our varied experience and continuing education provides us with a solid base of biological and wildlife damage control knowledge.  Education of our clients is an important component as well, and we take extra
care to ensure that our clients are aware of their nuisance animal's biology and behaviors.

Openings, gaps, and unscreened ventilation areas on buildings are prime entrances of grey squirrels, flying squirrels, raccoons, bats, birds and other nuisance wildlife animals. Nuisance animals cause expensive damage and many carry diseases and parasites.

If animals are not properly sealed out of a building, they will continue to let themselves in.
This provides numerous concerns for a property owner such as structural damage, financial hardship, health concerns, and  frustration. We are staffed with skilled carpenters who perform essential repair work to your structure, sealing it against future animal invasion.

Fischer Wildlife Control & Repairs
evaluates each problem and presents the solution that will best fit our client's needs.  Written proposals and/or presentations of our customized solution are available upon request. We do so much more than trap and remove animals. The most important part of the job is making sure that other animals don't come back and cause you the same headaches all over again.

 That's right -- if your nuisance animal's come back after we've removed them and repaired the structure within the one-year warranty period, so does Fischer Wildlife Control & Repairs, free of charge!

We will also offer you the option to renew your warranty near the end of the contract.
We are proud to offer you our warranty because we are so confident that our work will make
the difference in keeping your home animal-proof.

We pride ourselves on being solutions-oriented and on our dedication to professionalism.
We work with and consult local and state agencies and other animal-specific control experts.

Our company's handles residential, commercial, municipal, institutional, and governmental animal problems. We handle "ANY" animal situation that may be encountered and we enjoy solving the problems that others cannot!


Fischer Wildlife Control & Repairs

will solve your nuisance animal conflicts!

We guarantee our work.