Animal removal services for Union, Essex, Passaic, Hudson, Bergen and Monmouth Counties.

We know that solving  our client's nuisance animal conflicts takes more than just a "quick stop" on a pick-up route.

Rest assured knowing that we treat every customer with the individualized care and attention that we all expect and deserve from a service company.

Every nuisance problem whether its squirrel in an attic, raccoons living in your chimney or skunks living under the deck requires a solution that is tailored specifically for the particular animal that has taken up residence in your structure, and the specific location they have utilized.  

Most companies offer temporary removal of animals which can be frustrating and expensive.

Animals getting into your home a first time will undoubtedly return and will likely bring their friends!  

We differentiates from such companies because of the amount of effort that goes into turning your nuisance problem, into our problem.  

And we back up our work with a WRITTEN WARRANTY that ensures the problem will be SOLVED.

Fischer Wildlife Control & Repairs offers you...

The inspection 

A full and thorough inspection where we identify the  type of animal that is creating a problem, all of the areas  where animals are currently gaining access to your  home, and any potential future entry ways.
The Abatement or "Seal-Up:  

Once we are sure that we have removed all of the animals, we will perform a seal-up of the
building.  This is a system in which we methodically go over the entire building sealing any openings and repairing any weak areas that could create a potential problem in the future.

The Trapping Program:  

Once the structure has been sealed up, traps are set to remove problems animals.

The exclusion:

If the problem is in your yard instead of your house, we'll first remove animals making themselves at home under your porch, deck or shed (such as skunks and groundhogs). Then an exclusion will be performed in order to prevent future burrowing.  

The Warranty:  

Once your home or business is sealed against future invasion by your particular nuisance animals , we will back up our work with a one-year written warranty. You can rest assured that if that type of nuisance animal finds its way back in within the one-year warranty period, Fischer Wildlife Control e Repairs  will come back and fix the problem, free of charge! We will also offer you the option to renew your warranty near the end of the contract.

Clean up services:

Fischer Wildlife Control & Repairs offers clean up services and disinfection.
Please call our office for further details.   


We offer our services for residential, commercial, institutional,
and business pest removal.

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